"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together."

We believe that there is a crisis of leadership in the business world today.  The emphasis on innovation and speed in our global economy has led to incredible forward leaps technically, but many great organizations are struggling to adapt and advance. The reasoning? All businesses, and business leaders, have different needs at different times. 


Business leadership coaching, training, and peer groups are a great way to address this problem, but the majority of the organizations delivering these services are doing it the same way they would have done it 50 years ago. Gone are the days of a canned success playbook. Instead, leaders need an experienced team of experts around them who have the ability to truly personalize their development and navigate all obstacles alongside them.


Catapult Leadership Labs was founded out of frustration with the current business leadership coaching and peer group models. Why are we so passionate about this shift in leadership training and development? We’ve been there. We’ve attended the webinars, purchased tickets to the seminars and read all the books. But it still left a huge void in how we were growing our own organizations, and most importantly, ourselves. With this in mind, our team went into the lab to create the dream coaching and leadership development program that would benefit our own businesses. This dream is now our reality, and we’ve brought it to the market to share with CEOs worldwide.


Catapult Leadership Labs strives to be flexible and innovative in how we deliver our services. We believe that each company and leader is unique. We are on a journey to support leaders and their companies to have access to the resources they need to rapidly grow their business.

We are a unique set of individuals that have experience growing and leading businesses at all stages of growth and are firmly committed to developing other leaders. See you in the lab.