Transformational change across an organization

USA Financial was looking to invest in their leadership team. The team has worked together for quite some time and wanted to determine what it would take to build the business to the next level. We accomplished this with a unique approach using individual coaching and an internal executive peer group.

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"There is absolutely no doubt the value that has been created by Catapult here at USA Financial. We consider them a partner, a colleague and a go-to resource."

Mike Walters, CEO

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"Catapult helped us show up as better leaders, better team members, and better liaisons for USA Financial."

Andrea McGrew, Chief Compliance Officer

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"Catapult challenges us on our thinking and strategy, and then walked alongside us throughout the journey."

Brent Enders, President

Results That Speak Volumes

The Catapult team led a Vision/Mission and Strategy that allowed the management team to clearly articulate their passion for their diverse business. The team also helped USA Financial implement a custom management operating system that helped drive the Vision and Strategy into weekly executable projects and tasks that are aligned with the macro-level vision.

Growth & Impact

This work allowed their team to respond to market challenges and implement new products that:

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Increased their overall margin of 10% while maintaining their profitability

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Increased internal communication 64% across all departments

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Developed EOS traction system for internal executive team and individuals departments