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Its time to connect with other leaders and let one of our Catapult Coaches use the Theory of Constraints to walk through the toughest issue of the day. A proven process to help leaders navigate the COVID-19 world.

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Catapult @ Brewdog

An afternoon spent learning from Tanisha Robinson and the Catapult Partners on Disruption, Choke Points and Business Model Optimization.

They will teach you, how to drive innovation and strategic accountability. They will empower you to “level up” and reestruture your organization, giving you the tools needed to make the journey.

Tanisha solely believes that an effective peer group can replace some of the needs and responsibilities of an advisory board and how your business can take advantage of this.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best in the field and change the direction of your business forever.

Catapult leadership conference

Catapult is dedicated to helping you grow your business and building your life. The Catapult Leadership Conference is a unique CEO focused event.

You will be inspired by our dynamic and accomplished speakers and you will leave with new tools to help you achieve your goals and maintain a healthy balance in your business and personal life.

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