Finding Alignment: A Chat With Lendy Co-Founder James Prince


Being a connector is easier said than done, especially in our current digital age where social media connections hold a very loose meaning. To truly be a connector, one must prioritize creating a community on a person-to-person level, and aligning with their community members on life outside of their businesses. This is what creates deep relationships and special opportunities, just ask James Prince whose built his career around this mindset.

As a professional, James has led strategic partnerships and product development for businesses focused on sustainability. Today, James is disrupting the secondhand industry by reducing the friction to buy and sell items with his company Lendy. Their mission of making secondhand items a first choice has gained momentum in the Canadian market for both buyers and sellers. We chatted with James about the humbleness of entrepreneurship, the challenges of starting a company during the pandemic, and the gift of being a connector.

What’s the best advice you have received as a Founder?

What are some of the biggest challenges you have experienced as a Founder?

What are the non-financial assets in your life that you credit to your success as a Founder?

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