From Corporate To Startup: A Chat With Ignite Venture Studio Founder Jeff B. Smith


From Fortune 50 CEO to serial entrepreneur, Jeff B. Smith has built a career developing successful business in the CPG space. Jeff spent over 30 years as an executive at Procter & Gamble and then Johnson & Johnson, overseeing global transformation. He retired early, to as he puts it “start over and learn to love the process again”, and feels more exhilarated than ever before.

Today, Jeff leads numerous organizations as the Founder & Managing Partner of Ignite Venture Studio, which is committed to helping develop and launch disruptive brands and business models. Jeff is also the Founder & CEO of HONED™️, a health and wellness company committed to delivering personalized nutrition, fitness, and supplement recommendations. We chatted with Jeff about the transition from corporate life to startup, launching new ventures during the pandemic, and growth mindset.

What’s the best advice you have received as a Founder?

What are some of the biggest challenges you have experienced as a Founder?

What are the non-financial assets in your life that you credit to your success as a Founder?

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