The Brainstorm You've Needed Your Entire Career

Catapult’s Mini-Labs bring together top CEO’s, in a roundtable experience, aimed at providing participants with a network of great minds to discuss unique pain-points, challenges and growth opportunities faced in their individual businesses. The sessions are facilitated by the Catapult Leadership Labs Coaches, and are built to create a support network of  peers who have, or are currently facing similar experiences. 

The Market Economy

Analyzing the 5 features of a Market Economy, CEO & Founder, Craig Weiss, shares his experience in creating a global consumer product. This Mini-Lab is aimed at helping CEOs identify price signals to streamline their supply and demand.

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Startup DNA: From Ideation To Action

Startup Founder & CEO, Evin Schwartz, shares the key steps any entrepreneur can use in going from the “Ah-Ha” moment to a fully scaled business.

Avoiding The Bottleneck

Workloads arriving too quickly for your production process to handle? We’ve been there, and know this can absolutely derail a company. Join Gimbal President, RJ Nicolosi, to learn how to avoid this common challenge and breakthrough the bottleneck.

Unlocking The Vision Map

Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes and ears to create the hockey-stick growth spurt for a CEO, both personally and professionally. Join Leadership Coach, Shane Ver Steeg, as he helps unlock your vision map and make it your new living reality.

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