Running Better: A Chat With Soapbox CEO Brennan McEachran


Managers have been the most unsupported and under resourced individuals in any organization. This thought was something Brennan McEachran could not get out of his head in 2013 as an undergraduate at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario.

Flash forward to present day, Brennan’s company, Soapbox, is on a mission to make better managers, helping them juggle their team activities while coaching good management habits. We help turn “meh” one-on-ones and team meetings into high-leverage opportunities that get the most out of a team while building trust. Headquartered in Toronto, Soapbox is changing the way over 100,000 managers engage their teams, one meeting at a time. We had a chance to chat with Brennan to learn about the journey from dorm room “ah-ha” to NEXT’s #1 Best Place to Work.

What’s the best lesson you have learned as a CEO?

What are some of the biggest challenges you have experienced as a CEO?

What are the non-financial assets in your life that you credit to your success as a CEO?

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