The Importance Of Focus: A Chat With Ad Air Group Founder & CEO Robert Fitzgerald


20 years in the Air Force brings with it no shortage of learning opportunities and experiences. But as Ad Air Group Founder & CEO, Robert Fitzgerald, will tell you “entrepreneurship is an experience unlike any other”.

Taking his experience in the Air Force into business, Robert specializes in unmanned aircrafts. In the early 2000’s, when drones were not flying around delivering our packages or the newest toy for our teenagers, Robert and his team were building communications architecture to transport live video from combat unmanned aircraft to anywhere in the world. The company would eventually grow from 1 to 200 full-time employees in 11 years, leading to acquisition in 2015.

We chatted with Robert about his life and transition from the Air Force to entrepreneurship, the importance of focus, and how nothing beats the support of family members.

What’s the best advice you have received as a CEO?

What are some of the biggest challenges you have experienced as a CEO?

What are the non-financial assets in your life that you credit to your success as a CEO?